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News Bin – January 20, 2017

In case you missed it... Holbrook shares a variety of tidbits recently in the news. This edition features everything from ridiculous new airline rules to recent news on global temperatures. Also, an interesting new podcast from the ABA, keynote speakers at the ETC conference, and inspiring travel destinations. 

Will airlines now charge for overhead bins and reserving a seat?

United Airlines announced it is offering “basic economy” fares — the lowest prices on a particular flight. Basic Economy won’t let you get your seat assignment until check-in, you’re the last to board, and you’re not allowed to bring on a full-size carry-on bag. Do you really get a lower fare, or do you just get less? While we hope other U.S. carriers don’t join United with these ridiculous rules, airlines to tend to copy each other. See: How to Navigate New Airline Carry-On Rules.

Earth experiences its warmest year on the historical record

Scientists also reported 2016 was the third consecutive record-breaking year for high temperature. “The pattern is very clear,’’ said Deke Arndt of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Two US agencies and international weather groups mostly blamed man-made global warming with help from a natural El Niño. NOAA said the average global temperature for 2016 was 58.69 degrees — 0.07 degrees warmer than 2015. Says NASA’s Gavin Schmidt, the Arctic ‘‘was enormously warm, like totally off the charts compared to everything else.’’ See: Earth Sets a Temperature Record for the Third Straight Year.

ABA launches Birding Podcast

American Birding Association blogger, editor, and Holbrook friend Nate Swick has launched an excellent new podcast for birders and nature enthusiasts. The first episode features Laura Kammermeier of Nature Travel Network. They talk about birding travel, what birders want when they head abroad, and how traveling for birds helps establish ecotourism and conservation initiatives around the world. Listen: American Birding Podcast #1: Laura Kammermeier on Birding Travel

ETC Travel Conference Announces Keynote Speakers

If you are a travel planner attending the 31st Annual Educational Travel Conference in St. Louis from February 12-15, you will hear the likes of Jeff Hoffman (Priceline, uBid, ColorJar), Art Markman (Cognitive Scientist, University of Texas), Dawn Rodney (National Geographic Society), and Peter Shankman (NASA advisor, Ironman, Skydiver). The theme this year is “Adventuring Beyond: The Quest for Innovation & Distinction in Affinity Travel” and the signup deadline is very close. See: ETC's 31st Annual Conference

Inspiration: Places to Visit in 2017 and beyond

Many travel publications put out their “best of” and “places to go” editions this time of year. The “Best Destination for Adventure Tourism” in South America went to Chile, recognized for the second year running at the World Travel Awards and voted by the public. Perhaps the best overall list is put out by the New York Times, 52 Places to Go in 2017. Many of our favorites are on the top including the Atacama Desert in Chile, Botswana’s Okavango Delta, Pedregal, Sikkim, Madagascar and The Great Barrier Reef. See: 52 Places to Go in 2017

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