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Tips & Resources: For Your Travelers – Free Guide to Traveling Responsibly

Help make your travelers more responsible

In offering travel to your organization and community, you can have a big impact on reducing our carbon footprint. Not only can you make smart choices about which providers you work with, you can also educate your participants on how they can make a difference.

For our travel providers, Holbrook has developed a free guide that can be given to your participants either as-is, or with your logo. The guide outlines 25 tips to support sustainable travel. Some of the tips may seem remarkably easy or obvious, such as buying locally made products or bringing a refillable water bottle, but added together these steps can reduce our impact and increase the benefits for the communities we visit.


Sample tips include:

  • Select airlines or tour operators that offers carbon offset

  • Take a reusable water bottle with you

  • Choose tours that stay at hotels with green certification

  • Hang up your towels and reduce hotel laundry

  • Buy locally sourced products

  • Donate needed resources or volunteer your time

Guide to Traveling Responsibly: Download HERE.