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Protecting Bird Habitats in Partnership with National Audubon

Holbrook Travel is excited to have been selected by National Audubon Society to help support bird-based tourism in key areas along the flyways for migratory and local species. Flyway Expeditions is an outgrowth of Audubon's International Alliances Program, promoting bird-based tourism as a conservation and sustainable development tool. These programs are open to any organization to lead or to offer their members with proceed supporting conservation.

Holbrook Travel has been working closely with the National Audubon Society for over a year now on this important initiative to provide long-term sustainable benefit to key areas along the flyways that are important for migratory and local bird species alike. These areas were selected by Audubon as they represent the intersection of bird hot-spots, Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs), and where Audubon and their partners are carrying out vital conservation work.

What makes the tours different?

One of the distinct features of the Flyway Expeditions program is its comprehensive training program with local guides. Another is providing local businesses with access to equipment (binoculars, scopes, and guidebooks) and improved trails and associated infrastructure. Perhaps the most important feature is the targeted environmental education and outreach programs to local schools and community groups.

Who can participate?

Any organization – whether a nature program or Audubon chapter or group of friends – can join in a Flyway program by contacting Holbrook Travel. Travelers on a Flyway Expedition will not only experience some of the best birding in Latin America but they’ll see conservation first-hand through included talks with local leaders, community members, and school visits to share birding enthusiasm.  

Flyway Programs

Holbrook has developed an initial series of tours to key areas in Belize, Guatemala, and Colombia.

BELIZE | Birding and Nature in the Tropics of Belize

COLOMBIA | Northern Colombia Birding Trail: A Birder’s Paradise

GUATEMALA | Birding Guatemala’s Highlands and Lake Atitlán

GUATEMALA |  Exploring Maya Biosphere Reserve through Birding

To learn more about what make the birding tours different, visit Flyway Expeditions:

Click here to learn how National Audubon is protecting birds across the Western Hemisphere.