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Group Sharing Made Easy: Tripcast’s “Living Travel Journal”

Dec 20, 2019 |

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| by Christa Markley

You’ve just returned from the trip of a lifetime, and your group parts ways at the airport with one promise in unison: “I’ll send you my photos!”

Some people are warriors and champions, and they battle the fates of technology and procrastination to fulfill their oath. But most, understandably, suffer the inevitable fade of energy upon returning to their “real life,” and never get around to sifting through their photos, let alone sharing them.

Thankfully, there are an increasing number of apps and services that make photo sharing easier and more convenient. One of them, Tripcast, offers an additional benefit for group travelers: it allows you to add pictures and stories in real time, bringing together everyone’s experiences in a kind of shared travel journal. As a result, sharing photos with your fellow travelers can be done in small doses, and when your group disperses at the airport, the lion’s share of the work is already done.

How does Tripcast work?

With a free account, Tripcast allows users to create a group album and invite others to participate, in order to share photos easily with one another. Like a social media site, Tripcast displays uploaded photos at a large size and compiles them into a scrolling feed. Users can even “like” and comment on the photos. But unlike a social media site, this feed is restricted by member’s invitations, and users can download the shared photos – individually, or in bulk. When you return home, you can even order a printed album of the photos for posterity.

What are the benefits of using Tripcast?

As a group leader, there are a range of positive uses for Tripcast. Logistically, it’s intuitive to use and accessible by app as well as web browser. It offers a simple solution to the challenge of sharing photos and stories among a group of people traveling together.

There are also some creative ways group leaders can use Tripcast. In advance of your travel, you can post a video welcoming your participants to the program, and encourage them to share photos, videos, and/or stories to introduce themselves. During the trip, it can be used to give updates to loved ones “back home” who want to follow along with your group’s travels – perfect for students and educators who want to keep parents in the loop.

But perhaps the biggest benefit is when you arrive home. One of the best parts of traveling with likeminded people is the bond it creates within the group. Participants come home with inside jokes, collective memories, and new friendships – all of which can be documented on Tripcast as they happen. Tripcast externalizes this joy of shared experience into an easy-to-use platform, giving nostalgia a digital space to live. This way, you can always revisit the photos, videos, and stories, and reminisce about the journey your group took together.

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