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From the field: Video messages from our partners during COVID-19

May 7, 2020 |

From the Field

| by Christa Markley

The global COVID-19 pandemic is creating a multitude of challenges for people across the world in myriad ways, not just logistical. For members of the travel industry, the necessary precautions of social distancing yield an unfortunate effect: there's no way to bring people together to experience the world's beautiful natural places and cultures. 

In an effort to connect our travelers and our in-country partners virtually, we asked our coordinators in Costa Rica, the Galápagos Islands, and Tanzania to send us a video message that we can share with our family of travelers. Each of them took a different approach to their "virtual tour," but the message at the heart of each remains the same: we can't wait until this moment passes, and we're able to celebrate our planet together, in person, again.

Take a look at the videos below.

COSTA RICA | Selva Verde Lodge & Reserve

with Melany Ocón


with Edgar Vargas


with Lucas John Mhina