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Navigating Flights – When Group Airfare Makes Sense

You’ve chosen your next destination, decided on the itinerary, and you’re finalizing your brochure to get the word out to your travel community. Did you forget something? Often overlooked, a critical piece of your group program is your air travel. Not only can flights be the most expensive ...

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Behind the Scenes: U.S. Travel to Cuba - Setting the Record Straight

People to People Travel to Cuba remains safe, educational, enjoyable and legal When the Trump administration began rolling back the U.S. policy towards Cuba in June 2017, it caused uncertainty and fear among Americans interested in traveling to Cuba. It is also causing confusion among members ...

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Destination Spotlight: The Other Side to Mexico

Travel planners often overlook Mexico as a destination for their travelers. Why? In part, Mexico gets a steady stream of negative news these days, mostly for political reasons. Plus, most travelers think of Mexico only for the beach resorts. Finally, the U.S. State Department issued a new ...

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Alert: US State Department Launches New Travel Warnings System

First announced last November, the US State Department followed through on its promise to revise the travel warnings and alert system. The new system uses four standard levels of warnings, with a description of the risks and steps U.S. citizens should take. Plus, this measure has been applied ...

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The Insider travel survey: results & winners

Jan 11, 2018 |


| by Christopher Bensley

Holbrook is appreciative of the many subscribers of our Insider Newsletter who responded to our recent survey from last month. We’re all familiar with the plethora of surveys we get after using a service, be it rental car, hotel or other. That’s why we were amazed and thankful for the huge ...

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Understanding Group Travel Insurance

Should I or shouldn't I? As consumers, we face this decision to buy insurance with almost any major purchase these days. While we’ve all been through the car rental dilemma of buying coverage (and sales pressure!), the group travel insurance decision is more complex. If you are a group ...

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Choosing the right travel provider for your group or organization

Whether you are a veteran travel planner or organizing your first group travel program, you’ve most likely been approached by multiple travel providers or “tour operators” to help you. Whom to choose? What criteria should you use to select a new travel provider?...

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Is Your Travel Program Sustainable? How the Upcoming UN Environment Forum Offers an Important Message

Sep 22, 2017 |


| by Christopher Bensley

Many of us are aware of the United Nations’ declaration of 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. But what does this lofty designation mean and why should you care? That’s the focus of a day-long event taking place next week in Washington DC on World Tourism ...

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Choosing the Right Antarctic Cruise for Your Group or Organization

Perhaps you are responsible for managing the educational travel program for the alumni or students of an academic institution, or maybe you are the group leader for a nature organization. You’ve made the decision to put the “White Continent” on your travel calendar. There are many factors to ...

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